From the Farm: Baba Kojo Zendeli

Baba Kojo Zendeli is one of our star moringa farmers. With over 4,500 moringa trees expertly intercropped with other numerous crops, Baba (a title that translates to 'Father') is teaching us as much about moringa as we are teaching him!

We visited him at his 10 acre farm to learn more about his journey with moringa and how it has impacted his life. We fell in love with him, his bashful smiles, and his story, and we think you will too.


My name is Kojo Zendeli. Kojo is the first name, Zendeli is my surname. I’m a twin and I’m a farmer.

I have a wife and children; two are here with me, two are back home [in the North] schooling, and one has passed away.

I grow maize, yam, cassava, rice, beans, and, because the land is not fertile for groundnuts, I’ve added cashews. And now, I grow moringa.

I had heard about moringa before and in fact, I was growing it in my hometown [in the North]. But I had been moving from place to place so I stopped. When I decided to build my house here [in Brong Ahafo], I took moringa cuttings and planted them here.

First, I was just planting for food. I eat the leaves; they are delicious and it gives me strength. I strip the branches like this, take it home and add it to my soup to make it delicious.

But then MoringaConnect (Minga Foods' parent company) came and I learned you were buying the harvests. You gave me the seeds and I planted them. That’s why I now have so many trees.

Previously, I could go to the farm and get nothing. I had a lot growing once and one day, the birds came and ate it all. I lost everything. What did I have to sell to pay my children’s school fees? The fees are not small.

That’s why I’ve grabbed onto this moringa. What I get from you, I use that money on their education. I don’t care what other farmers are doing or planting. I wanted to do it, and I have done it! It has helped me so much and I know it will continue to help me, so I won’t stop.

I want you to help us get to one million trees. I want you to help me succeed.

Let's stop everything and let’s farm moringa.